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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. the bucks county killing, four men murder the. the two suspects call each other cousins are charged. bail has been denied for both men. i'm ukee washington, jessica will join us shortly. cosmo dinardo and his alleged accomplice, shawn kratz are facing homicide charges, they were arraign dad in bucks county. a confession from dinardo led police to the bodies of all four men who disappeared last week. three of the young men were found more than 12 feet underground on a tank on his parents solesbury farm. body of jimi patrick was buried about half mile away at the top of the hill. team coverage of the bucks county killings and we begin with alexandria hoff in doylestown where both suspects were arraigned earlier. >> that's right. both men were arraigned by a video conference with a judge being held at separate prison.
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dean finocchiaro, moorings, jimi patrick. >> reporter: they're why over 100 emotional hours were spent digging in is solesbury township soil >> we have them in a safe place so they can soon be returned home. >> reporter: through a thursday murder confession from one-time sole person of interest, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo came another man. 20-year-old shawn kratz. they refer to each other as cousins. they both conspired in luring three of the men to dinardo's family property with the expectation of purchasing marijuana. dinardo confessed to killing jimi patrick on his own, kratz was arrested in his northeast philadelphia home. a secondary residence in ambler was searched >> i can't believe it and i don't want to believe it. >> reporter: at the time of arrest, kratz was on bail for
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separate burglary cases. murder conspiracy and abuse of corpse, a definitive motive for the killings not identified, matt right back concluded with admiration for the families of the men once missing and now found. >> i pray i could handle this with the courage and the dignity that they exhibited my -- i'm just in awe. >> reporter: despite the confessions, judge today submitted not guilty pleas on behalf of both men. reporting live in doylestown bucks county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. in court documents, authorities outlined the horrifying details of the killings and the intense hunt for the bodies of the four men. natasha brown is in the satellite center with that part of the story tonight. >> good evening to you, the affidavit of probable cause reads more like a disturbing crime novel with two men described in court documents as cousins, detailing a gruesome
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crime spree. the cringe worthy details of the murders are spelled out in court documents. authorities say 20-year-old cosmo dinardo killed all four men after luring them in with offers to sell them marijuana. court filings reveal that dinardo along with his 20-year-old cousin shawn kratz burned three of the bodies in a metal tank before burying them on the family solesbury township farm. it began july 5th when dinardo agreed to sell jimi patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000. dinardo said patrick only had $800. he then describes taking patrick to a remote area of his family's farm where he says he shot and killed him. then buried him six feet deep way backhoe. bucks county da matt weintraub said investigators may never have found patrick's body had they not struck a deal with dinardo >> i can tell you we'd still be there had we not made this agreemently i rode there on the
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car in the same site as the other three men, it was so far away i started getting sick to my stomach >> the crime spree continued july 7th when dinardo and kratz say they met up with dean finocchiaro, dinardo describes shooting him then using the backhoe where dinardo said he placed him into a metal tank that he referred to as the pig roaster. the same night, investigators say dinardo confesses that he shot and killed tom meo and mark sturgis then used the backhoe and brought their bodies to the same metal tank that finocchiaro was in. he goes on to say he poured gasoline into the metal tank and lit i all three were found in a 12 to 13 foot common grave on the dinardo family property. patrick was found buried about a mile and a half away. because the da did reach an agreement with dinardo, who led them to the fourth and final body, he will not face the death penalty in this case. however, it may still be on the table for shawn kratz. that's the latest, live in the
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stat center, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. coverage continues at a second night of drenching rain and storms move through the region. heavy rain triggered flooding in some parts including down the shore, viewer sent us this video from 59th and landis avenue in sea aisle city. a flash flood watch was in effect. it is now an advisory in that area and there are others in other areas, lauren casey breaks it down, lauren? >> thanks. another round of severe weather moving through the area, but things are now quieting down, the problem today, we saw a torrential rainfall coming down, so very heavy in intensity and the cells weren't moving too quickly it did linger and the rain certainly piled up. a look at stormscan 3, a couple of showers working in to the wilmington area light in intensity as the active weather moving offshore but the light show if you're looking offshore along the coast, we do have a couple of cells that have fired
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back up up towards the poconos but we're not concerned for the possibility of severe weather, but rain coming down in or around mount pocono, lehigh valley you're going to see that cell, couple of rumble of thunder. but rainfall was incredible with the cells that moved through today, cape may county over three inch, salem county new jersey, two and a half, mount pocono picking up over an inch and a half and in wildwood over an inch and a half of rainfall and with the heavy rain came strong gusty winds and even reports of quarter size hail in atlantic county. wind gustss into the 50 miles per hour range and mays landing. can we quiet things down as we head into the upcoming weekend? we'll talk more about that coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. it is friday night. that means cbs3 is on the road celebrating summer and everything our region has to offer. tonight, summerfest is in phoenixville, a town that has
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seen a resurgence of late. jessica dean is in phoenixville pa helping celebrate summerfest and another popular fest known as blob fest. >> reporter: we got all the fests going on. blob fest was a ton of fun right down the street, we're going to get to that in just a moment. we've had the most wonderful time in phoenixville. people have been so welcoming and so friendly. and wherever you go in this town you'll see images of the phoenix and this is a town that truly rose from the ashes. ♪ >> bus length bureau was once an industrial powerhouse, making nails, pot reand steel. the iron work blast furnaces looked like a affix >> he called it the phoenix iron work he decided we should name this town phoenixville >> by 1850, phoenixville was on fire, steal was everywhere
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including of the washington monument. the center of town, bridge street was booming. including a brand new theater, the colonial built in 1903. >> as walk in there, that's the way it looked 100 years ago. the lobby was renovated in about 70 years ago. but yeah, and the 658 seats. it's a wonderful house with great acoustics >> it fell on hard time, by 1987, the steal industry officially was gone. the found reset empty, but they pulled together to save the building. >> the idea that i had reinventing phoenixville was package history >> it took years and millions of dollars. but they preserved its dramatic interior and pieces of phoenixville filled history. as for the colonial, it survived two after starring role in an iconic movie >> it's most famous scene was
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the run-out of a movie theater and that theater happened to be the colonial. >> reporter: tonight the colonial was the center of all the action out here on bridge street. we keep talking about blob fest and the annual run-out. well, it was alive and well tonight. our vittoria woodill was right in the middle of all of i she's going to give you a first hand look what it's like to be in the crowd, to run out of the theater and recreate the iconic image from the blob. plus we're going to go wine tasting, tell you how a popular wine re, here in phoenixville got the start. kate bilo and her brand new bundle of joy are visiting her hometown. we'll get an update when both when
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. the reason for being in phoenixville was the kickoff of blob fest and tori was there for key moment. >> i ran for my life. did i survive? i guess that's clear. >> she's here >> but how did i do it? how is it done? take a look. >> you might want to turn down the volume on your tv. who's excited for blob fest >> i'm excited for blob fest >> hundreds are ready to run for their lives all over again. >> i heard the show tonight sold out in 18 minutes. >> no way >> the blob is coming towards you, what do you do >> scream and run. >> reporter: well, it's time to enter the theater >> wish me luck. >> girls.
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hi. >> meet other victims. they seem friendly. and take my seat. >> i probably should have picked a seat closer to the door. >> yes. the blob is coming. and you'll have to run with me. >> reporter: it was exhilarating exciting. it was awesome. it really was. tonight was part of the weekend fun in phoenixville beginning saturday it's the blob fest 2017 street fair and there will be all kinds of activities and on both saturday and sunday, the colonial theater is running double features of the blob and other movie classics >> a lot of fun here >> i watched you run out. it was exhilarating >> people were dressed up like
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they were ready to go. there's a costume contest, an organ player, it was awesome. a true original. >> a true original. >> that's phoenixville. >> that is. >> tori thank you so much for taking us behind the scenes and as is custom when we go out into all these communities, we meet new friends and see new places and it's always wonderful to meet all of those people. today was no exception. give you one example. lans and val are the owners of a wine rein phoenixville. it started as a business crushing grapes in their kitchen. it grew and grew, blossoming into the tasting room in phoenixville and they say the business is about the people. val >> all the food and brewer res that have come in and the theaters and the coffee shops, there's always a different group of people coming down and wander in here all the time. >> reporter: across the street,
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the pizza is cooking my, the naples way, flower, oven and methods are authentic on the corner of gay and bridge streets. we got to taste those tonight. deliberation and absolutely authentic. thanks to them. also here in phoenixville, familiar face to all of us, a member of our family here at cbs3, kate bilo is a native of phoenixville. and we got to catch up a little bit earlier. she's on maternity leave as so many of you know and gave birth to her third child but first girl. >> we call her soly and she's a little cranky right now, but she's loving the lattes, here, she's six weeks old, she's such a good baby, it was a fun place to grow up and i'm so glad to see it becoming a hot spot in our region. >> we're also happy to be able to tell you that she's recovering very well from that handle scare with pulmonary
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embolisms, much better, enjoying spending time and back on our air in august. keep an eye out for kate, she'll be back next month. meantime chelsea ingram is here talking about the weather. she's down the street from us and chelsea, it's been like a little bit of rain, then it would clear up and rain again, we've been hit and miss all day. >> we really have, but definitely seeing some improvement, which is great i have to say kate is doing so much better, but improvement out here and phoenixville, we have a massive storms that rolled through earlier. the weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 70's and the due point is right around 70. for sure, is a muggy night. nasty storms rolled through earlier, and that brought storm damage across the delaware valley including here in phoenixville, take a look at this graphic. we have wires down on star street and west chester, damage to car windows. several cars stuck in high water in newark in bridgeton, and in a
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avalon lightening struck a car. only a couple showers sprinkled across the map, just lingering south of philadelphia, temperatures checking in in the 70s and due points are in the 70, it's muggy but as we head to tomorrow and the weekend, it is going to be feeling a lot better. let's send it inside to lauren with a look at your forecast. >> thanks so much. it's been humid over last several days, we were talking about during the 10:00 ocean city it's been bad hair days all around for everyone with these elevated due points up into the low to mid 70's, starting to see slightly drier air, poconos, lehigh valley due points dropped off into the 60's but by late day, it is going to be feeling more comfortable. looking good.
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for the remainder of blob fest, saturday, sunshine turning less humid, 88 degrees. sunshine as we head into sunday and pretty comfortable as well. talking about fall-like humidity but it will be low by july standards, high temperature at 89 degrees for the second day of the weekend. future weather showing us could have a couple of lingering showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, but again that severe weather threat come to an end as we wake up tomorrow morning, maybe you're not up yet, but 8:00, patchy clouds and maybe you're up by 11:00 then you're going to go see more in the way of sunshine, great brunching condition, mostly sunny across much of the delaware valley, evening hours nice. overnight, do have the chance of a lingering shower rumble. low temperature falling back to 72, winds will be pretty light and for our saturday morning clouds then mostly sunny, that lower humidity high temperatures right around average in the upper 80's with the nice northwesterly breeze picking up to around ten miles per hour. the shore maybe you can see a
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sprinkle early in the morning, mostly sunny skies breaking out on sand low 80's, northwesterly wind ten to 15, water temperature about 70, watch out for the high uv index at a moderate rip current risk, make sure to always swim in front of a lifeguard. typical summertime pattern, a pop-up storm as we head to the afternoon hours, high temperatures right around that 90 degree mark, humidity but it won't be all too impressive like we felt over last several days. next week, looking good, mother nature giving us and giving this meteorologist a break. >> hello. >> this meteorologist. >> i heard that. >> don bell joins us with sports talking eagles >> miss those guys. >> training camp right around the corner, cam carson is a rap with the quarterback saying about his passing camp in north dakota. a blowout turns into a somewhat winnable game. see what happens when the phillies hook up with the brewers in milwaukee.
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. i like to see them win seven, eight in a row >> second half on the season it could happen >> the an opportunity for a fresh start. the problem is the phillies, picked up where they left off. phils wearing the powder blue uniforms, 80's retro night. no score in the first, maikel franco to right, aaron altherr, will make it one to nothing. orlando are see i canya.
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bases loaded for brian braun, a 375 batting average against the fightins, la braun identity with a grand slam and the fightins falling 9-6. final score. $370,000 how much carson wentz raised for his newly formed charity. also held his first passing camp. the group spent time in fargo, north dakota, talked about the guys making the trip >> kind of an off season thing everyone does, we got almost all the receivers out here this summer. they flew in, what the heck is this place? what's going on? they love it >> everyone around here has been great in fargo. i mean, we love it out here. and it's great for our team coming out here with carson to see how he living. it's great, resumed me a little bit back home.
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>> what do you suppose was so funny there >> summer league action in vegas. this is the final time we'll see the sixers until training camp. just smile. >> former villanova captain ryan arcidiacono playing with the bulls, scores on the lay-up against his home town team, scored 16, then furton, court ma. the 19-year-old rookie starting to get comfortable, sixers eight point lead, third quarter things going the other way, denzel valentine for the bulls, had 21 points and the sixers dropped a final game 99-87. your final score. tennessee years, roger fed rer is like a dinosaur, heading to wimbledon for the 11th time in his career, on the verge of his eighth title. on sunday he'll play and fed rer is almost 36 years old.
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old in that game. >> he's bad man >> getting it done >> thank you, sir. up next, beyonce and
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. getting a look at beyonce and jay-z's new twins, the caption reads, card and roomy one month today, it's the first time the singers confirmed the
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birth of the twins. last check, the instagram photo has around 9 million likes. this similar to ones beyonce posted in february announcing her
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. let's go back live to jessica and victor one more time >> we made it, you ran and survived >> i is survived, however
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there's one block i won't be running from >> brian the pit master who brought up the blob sandwiches, thank you to uncle bs. thank you to our crew. we work with the best in the business >> we really do >> we went inside and outside and they did that multiple times. we got to give them a shout-out and we're headed to ocean city next week on friday. nights in venice happening down the shore in ocean city, so if you're going to be in the area, make sure you stop by, say hello and we'll share with you the fun stuff. >> tons to do. >> we're going to send it back to the studio. guys have a great weekend. >> back at you ladies, much love to the crew and everybody there in phoenixville. morning crew back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00, for lauren, don, of course the crew in phoenixville, the late show with steven colbert is next. thanks for watching have great weekend. good night, family, sleep well.
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